Our fundamental values

1. Brotherly love
Working as a family of God, where all welcome and are welcomed.

2. Adoration
Glorifying God, through worship and church life, and in our everyday lives.

3. Maturity
Allowing ourselves to be transformed through the teaching of the Word of God and through
the working of the Holy Spirit, to be more like Jesus Christ.

4. Service
Discovering various gifts of grace (“charisma”) and serving with them, as equal brothers and

5. To share the gospel
Communicating the good news to our contemporaries, by our presence in the world, so that
new life multiplies.

6. Hope
Keeping in mind the story of salvation - God’s great plan - yet reaching towards an eternal
future, the return of Jesus Christ and the fulfilment of all of God promises.

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Sunday worship

  • sunday, 10:15 am
  • 230 avenue Saint-Exupéry, Toulouse, France